What is this?

You can sponsor the traveller owning this travel journal by donating a Gift Certificate. A Gift Certificate can provide the traveller with extra disk space to place pictures and stories.

This travel journal has used 0.0 MB (0.0%) out of the 128 MB currently available.

You, as a visitor, can decide what is on the Gift Certificate and for how long it will be valid. After donating the certificate, the traveller can activate it at any time.

Certificate Options

Module Monthly Fee  
128 MB Extra Disk Space € 0.24 [ Add to Certificate ]
256 MB Extra Disk Space € 0.44 [ Add to Certificate ]
512 MB Extra Disk Space € 0.83 [ Add to Certificate ]
1 GB Extra Disk Space € 1.58 [ Add to Certificate ]

Gift Certificates will be automatically activated when disk space runs out. This is to prevent pictures from being deleted.

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